Time Trial Code Of Conduct
Written by David Riemenschneider   
Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Please read if you plan to attend the Cleves Time Trial Series on Tuesday nights.



Time Trial Code of Conduct

  •       Remember your number and yell it out at the finish.
  •       Be aware of the riders finishing with you; this information may be needed when times are being calculated.
  •       Pass to the left, and call out when passing.
  •       No drafting.
  •       No going left of the center-line; ideally stay along the white line
  •       Treat the volunteers with respect; remember, they are volunteering their time so you can ride; anyone who argues with or otherwise treats the volunteers with disrespect may be banned from participating in our event(s); we will gladly refund your membership dues if you are unsatisfied with our event and chose to show your dissatisfaction in an unprofessional and discourteous manner.
  •       Ride smart and ride safe.
  •       Be sure to welcome new riders and congratulate those with new Personal Records.
  •       Have Fun!


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