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Written by David Riemenschneider   
Monday, 21 July 2008

There are TWO versions of our Time Trial Team Challenge.  The first is the Individual Time Trial -- Team Challenge, and the second is a true Team Time Trial.  These will both take place at our Cleves Time Trial course on Saturday, August 15, 2009.  All participants must be members of the Queen City Wheels Racing Club.

8:00-9:00 AM - Check-In / Registration at the starting area for the Individual Time Trial -- Team Challenge.
9:20 AM - Starting order announced.
9:30 AM - First rider rolls out and every 30 seconds after.
12:00-12:30 PM - Check-In / Registration at the starting area for the Team Time Trial Challenge.
12:40 PM - Starting order announced.
12:45 PM - First team rolls out and every MINUTE after.

THE COURSE:  A 10.2 mile horseshoe shaped course with lots of rollers, no turns and no traffic signals; road is not closed, but traffic is minimal.

THE DIRECTIONS:  Take US50, River Road (west of downtown) to Miami Avenue in North Bend, following signs to the Harrison memorial. Turn left at the first stop sign onto Brower Road, which crosses back over US50. Parking is in the gravel lot on the left, opposite the Memorial, about 300 yards from Miami Ave. Do not park in the lot for the Memorial itself. This is where the finish line is located. Alternatively, Take I-74/I-275 to exit 7. Go south on 128 to US50 past Mt. Nebo, and turn left onto Miami Avenue (less than a mile). From Miami, turn left onto Brower Road as above.

You can either ride the course backwards (west on Brower, no turns, 10.2 miles) or ride directly to the start by returning to Miami Avenue and turning left up the hill. Turn left onto Mt. Nebo, cross US 50, and turn right on River Road.

Individual Time Trial --

Team Challenge


THE CHALLENGE:  Bring your 3 to 5 best INDIVIDUAL time trialist from your team.  We will use the 3 best COMBINED times to determine your team's overall time.  The team with the fastest total wins.


  • OVERALL:  All teams will automatically be in this category.  This is straightforward, "Who has the fastest team?"
  • HANDICAP:  To even the playing field, we have devised the "Handicap" category.  How it works, if the course average is 28:00, and your best time is 28:15, we will subtract 0:15 from your time on the day of the challenge.  Like wise, if your best time is 26:00, we will add 2:00 to your time on the day of the challenge.  For a team to be eligible for the "Handicap", every member of the team must have ridden the time trial at least once this year and have an official time with Queen City Wheels.

In addition to the two general categories, each team will also fall into one of the following gender categories:

  • MIXED TEAM:  A mixed team must consist of at least TWO female riders, and at least one of the women's times will be used in the team's combined time.

THE STIPULATIONS:  Male riders may only ride for one team.  Female riders may ride for no more than one Women's Team AND one Mixed Team.

Team Time Trial Challenge

THE CHALLENGE:  This is a classic team time trial, 4 riders drafting each other.  We will use the time of the third rider from your team that crosses the finish line.  Can your team stay together on this rolling course?


  • OVERALL:  All teams will automatically be in this category.  This is straightforward, "Who has the fastest team?"

If you have any questions, and to pre-register, e-mail your team name, the names of all team members and the gender category your team will be in to BigDave.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 27 August 2009 )


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