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Earning and Recording Benefit Points Awards PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jonathan Spicker   
Sunday, 07 May 2017
Any competitive cycling event that has official scorers and gives awards and/or recognition for finishing or placing will qualify for points and, unless otherwise noted, entry fee reimbursement.  Points accumulate by calendar year.

Each event, whether race (USAC sanctioned or unsanctioned), grand fondo, or time trial will all be tracked and eligible for one point.  Eligible participants must be QCW members in good standing wearing the current Team QCW kit when competing in the event.
Points may be earned as follows:

  1. Competing in charity rides and grand fondo’s will qualify for 1 point but will NOT count toward cash reimbursement.
  2. Working a QCW event = 1 point (minimum).  A separate point value schedule for each event has been established based on the length of volunteer commitment.
  3. Hosting a minimum of five coordinated and published training rides (in current QCW kit) = 1 point (max of three points per year)
  4. Competing in National Championship events (USAC, Senior Games, etc.) = 2 points
  5. Participate in five Cleves Time Trials = 1 point (maximum of three points).
  6. Race Directors and Time Trial Series Coordinators = 5 points (one may also qualify for an additional point for working the individual events.)
  7. Serve as a club Officer, Board Member, Director, Manager, or Coordinator (as defined in the QCW Management Structure document) = *2 points (Points for partial year service will be granted at the discretion of the Board).
  8. Cat Up = 1 point for each level during a calendar year (applies to your primary discipline only).  For example, one cannot collect points for moving up a level in both Mountain Bike and Road.
  9. Lead a board approved Committee = 1 point
  10. Attend Board Meetings = 1 point (for every two meetings) NEW for 2017!  This point benefit applies ONLY to non-BOD members.

10 Points = Free kit (includes short sleeve jersey and shorts or bib shorts) or up to $100 cash. This award is available to BOTH racers and members who only volunteer as workers at our events.

15 Points = Free kit or $100 PLUS $125 in clothing credit, or up to additional $95 in cash

20 Points = Free kit or $100 PLUS $225 in clothing credit, or up to additional $170 in cash

25 Points = Free kit or $100 PLUS $325 in clothing credit, or up to additional $245 in cash

30 Points = Free kit or $100 PLUS $425 in clothing credit, or up to additional $320 in cash

Riders who move from another competitive team to QCW and collected what would have been equal to at least 10 race points under our current system will qualify for a free basic team kit.  It is expected that they will attempt to participate in (at least) a similar number of race events in the year following their move to QCW.  

Beginning at the 15 Point Level, as outlined above, credits and cash reimbursements are based on a rider’s actual entry fee expenditures.  For example, if you earn a $425 clothing credit, but only spent $200 on qualifying entry fees, then the maximum credit will be $200.  From the 15 Point Level up, Team Members may request up to 75% of their Clothing Credit be paid in cash to offset any qualifying race fees expended during the calendar year (assuming the race fees were properly recorded in the Benefit Points Logger at

Riders who leave QCW to join another Team will not qualify for any clothing.  However, we will honor our commitment to cover race fees that they would be otherwise entitled (75% of the clothing allowance they earned).  

We will audit accounts randomly and any intentionally incorrect logs may result in total forfeiture of benefits at the Club’s discretion.

IMPORTANT: You must accrue at least one VOLUNTEER point (or have someone volunteer on your behalf) to qualify for any Award Levels.  No exceptions.  No excuses.  Free kits and additional kit items are only available to members who have signed a
Rider Agreement for the coming season.  Cash is available ONLY up to the level of race fees entered in the Benefit Points Logger .  

It is your responsibility to set up an account, login, and enter all required information in the Benefit Points Logger (  Activities not recorded by the specified year-end deadline will not be considered for either points or fee reimbursement.

Each activity should be recorded by no later than two weeks following the event.

All volunteer benefit points MUST be recorded in order to be recognized.  There is a section in the drop down to enter volunteer activity.  You must record all charity rides as well.  These rides are not eligible for fee reimbursement but will be included when calculating your total points.

When participating in more than one qualifying event in a single day, each event must be entered separately.  This is particularly important when the promoter offers discounts for multiple races.  So let’s say you are a Masters Cat 4 rider and you sign up for the 4/5 race, the 4 race, and the Masters 40+ race.  Discounts for the second and third races must be shown.  For example, it would be logged like this: Cat 4/5 Race $30, Cat 4 Race $10, Masters 40+ Race $10.

You must also record your race results (i.e. 1st, 23rd, etc.).  If you did not finish, enter “DNF”.  

For QCW sponsored events where the race fee is waived due to your membership on the Team, you put $0 in for entry fee.  The same for volunteering.  

All QCW Team Members wishing to participate in Benefit Points Awards must complete and submit a signed
Rider Agreement when joining the Team and then each year thereafter in order to remain in good standing.  


  If you have questions concerning any of the Team QCW Rider Benefits please contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Last Updated ( Monday, 08 May 2017 )


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