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Written by Jonathan Spicker   
Friday, 03 December 2010

burnet woods small.jpgThe University of Cincinnati Criterium

1972 was the inaugural year for this event which initially received support from the University and the U.C. bicycle club due to QCW co-founder Les Gesell’s enrollment as a graduate student. The U.C. Criterium, which would eventually become known as the Cincinnati Criterium, was held on the University of Cincinnati Campus somewhere in the vicinity of the law library in its inaugural year of 1972. In 1973 the event moved to a brutally difficult course in Burnet Woods.

The Burnet woods course ran counter clockwise and featured two fast descents with 90 degree turns at the bottoms plus two tough climbs in the 1.3 mile course. The smaller of the two hills involved two-way traffic, with only a row of traffic cones dividing the riders, on a park road too narrow to meet the minimum width requirements of a city street. It’s truly amazing there were no serious incidents in this area when many of the fields were 80+ riders!

The start/finish was located in the bandstand circle at the top of Burnet Woods Drive. The fastest speeds were reached on the descent of Martin Luther King Drive where riders rode in the parking lane, against the flow of traffic, and then made a breathtaking hard left turn back into the park on Burnet Woods Drive. Watching Wayne Stetina and some of the better senior men riders of the day carve this turn provided an excellent primer on proper cornering technique as they would open huge gaps on riders of lesser ability.

Held usualy the first week of April the race was often the first Midwest race of the season, long before people were traveling to training camps in Florida during late winter. Riders were competing for bicycle components, no cash prizes allowed, and paid a $2.25 entry fee, 25 cents of which went to the “International Fund” for developing American riders. A Campagnolo equipped pro-bike would be parted out with the first place Senior Men’s winner going home with the frame. This event was almost certainly the first to give away a Teledyne Titan titanium frame, one of the first titanium frames which retailed for $500 in the mid 1970’s.

The race was a favorite of the Stetina dynasty out of Indiana. Papa Roy would drive the “Ark” (a converted bookmobile) into the park and he and his four sons, Wayne, Dale, Troy and Joel would put on a Stetina racing exhibition.  Wayne won the Senior Men’s race the first three years and then Dale won it the fourth year.

The start sheets are a veritable “who’s who” of North American big guns with the likes of Tom Schuler, Jocelyn Lovell, Tom Chew, Mac Martin, Davis Phinney, and Rick Denman. There were always a surprising number of Michigan riders and I think it was due to the early April date. A couple truly interesting young northerners are found in 1977 with Mark Gorski racing as a Junior and Frankie Andreau racing in the 8-11 age group, a few years before signing with US Postal.

uc criterium elevation.jpg



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1972 U.C. Criterium, April 23rd, Results and partial entries  
Senior Men Junior Men 15-17 Intermediate 11-14 Senior Women
35 miles 15 miles 10 miles 10 miles
1. Wayne Stetina 1. Paul Barbour 1. Ian Talcroft 1. Elieen Brennan
2. Alan Marcusson 2. Rod Joslin 2. Steve Applegate 2. Martha Jock
3. Greg Hoover 3. John Byrnes 3. John Zulaf 3. Sue Gurney
4. John Meyer 4. Dale Stetina Scott Tierney 4. Linda Bir
5. Robert Rudowski 6. Pat Nielson Jeff Smith Carrie Graves
Steve Dayton John Cole Mark Maggieed Elaine Davis
Walter Chapman Doug Roberts
Carol Brennan
Don Schilling John Gilmer
Jane Brennan
Thomas Spofford Alan Kingsbery

Bill carr Don Chafetz

Paul Rolig Scott Alexander

Roger Kingsbery Dave Gulezynski

Stuart Pray Mark Dayton

Edmund Burke Don Matysek

Hermann Kron Scott Domuth

Wolfgang Freitag Stephen McCaskac

Leslie Gesell Cale Courte

Gary Lee Pence Dale Crandell

Kevin Fitzsimons Jerry Morrison

Ronald Wilson Randy Dull

Judith DuFresne Stephen Miller

Roger Ertel John Byrnes

Gregory Mingus

1973 U.C. Criterium, April 8th, Results and partial entries
Senior Men Junior Men Intermediate 11-14 Vetern Men 40+ Novice Men 18+
35 miles (27 laps) 15 miles (12 laps) 10 Miles (8 laps) 10 Miles (8 laps) 5 miles (4 laps)
1. Wayne Stetina 1. Dale Stetina 1. Steve Parks 1. Pedro Walls 1. Jack Christensen
2. Jim Crue 2. Dennis Marawski 2. Chris Belsch 2. Roy Stetina James Christol
3. Ken Snowden 3. John Gilmer 3. Kurt McLaughlin 3. Dick Korner James Faragher
4. John Byrnes 4. Paul Kuc Paul Elliott Rudolph Sene Bill Doyle
5. Stephen Miller 5. Alan Chamberlin Stephen Paul Lansky John Box
6. Walt Chapman 6. Pat Nielsen Mark Maggied William Colbert
Doug Anderson 8. Al Zaffiro Mark Miller Jim Cost Novice Men 15-17
Chuck Arch Steve Applegate Scott Strebe Harlan Meyer 4 miles (3 laps)
Dick Beck Robert Barco
Watson Nordquist 1. Dave Lansky
James Behrens Mark Bir
John Zulauf 3. Jonathan Spicker
Bob Berhow John Byrnes

Daniel Biehl
Bret Braden Doug Christensen

Dell Williamson
Edmund Burke Dale Courte
Senior Women Tom Coates
Dan Chafetz Dale Crandell
10 Miles (8 laps) Allen Fix
Alan Cochran Michael Globe
1. Sue Gurney Dave Pendery
Chuck Conner Dave hane
2. Linda Bir
Neil Crandell Jim Kelsey
3. Jean Ligget
Craig Curless Steve Kurich
4. Martha Jack Novice Men 12-14
Gary Dauer Chris Lewis
5. Sally Scheip 1.3 miles (1 lap)
Steve Dayton Michael Maggied
Cynthia Butler 1. Pat O'Brian
Dick Denning Scot Marburger
Carrie Groves Michael Goldberg
Donald Downs Nick McCoy

Randy Dull Rick Oberle

Bill Froschauer Brian Richards

Novice Men 8-11
Bill Gallagher Martin Rossmann

1/2 lap
Bob Harwell Jeff Smith

1. Roger Mouch
Wil Hemker John South

Gregg Hoover Emil Stahli

Curtis Lee Hull Bob Townsend

Novice Women 15-17
Larry Hunter Peter Trimarco

4 miles (3 laps)
Rod Joslin John Zulauf

1. Virginia Moore
Paul Keller

Paul Kic

Roger Kingsbery

U.C. Men
Tom Knight

1 lap
Chris Korte

Jeff Sauer
Justin Kazyzanowski

Eric Loveless

Alan Marcossen

John Meyer

Lawrence Myers

Duane Noble

Paul Olszenski 

Brian Parker

Hans Poehlmann

Tim Porter

Ben Post

Dale Rasche

Clifford Ratza

Robert Redman

Mark Rickey

LeMaur Roberts

Don Schilling

Chuck South

Gregory Storey

Donald Sunderland

Joseph Teipen

Mark Tyson

Bruce Uhal

Charles Ward

Richard Wikle

1974 U.C. Criterium, April 7th, Results and partial entries
Senior Men I & II Senior III Junior Men 15-17 Intermediate 11-14 Vetern Men 40+
30 miles (23 laps) 15 Miles (12 laps) 15 miles (12 laps) 10 Miles (8 laps) 10 Miles (8 laps)
1. Wayne Stetina 1. Mark Rickey 1. Dale Stetina 1. Brent Schuster 1. Jerry Reike
2. Bill Shook 2. Scott Strebe 2. Charles Frederickson 2. Bob Fidler 2. Richard Korver
3. John Meyer 3. Allan Sleeman 3. Mark Bir 3. Jeff Farley 3. Pat White
Mark Holt Dave Levy 5. Stephen Paul Lansky Brian Schenck Watson Nordquist
Bob Easton Lawrence Hunter 7. Jonathan Spicker Arthur Benjamin
Jack Stopyra Paul Danerell 9. John Gilmer Paul J. Wendeln
Steve Dayton Martin Rossmann 10. Al Zaffiro Dale Ringwald
Mike Roberts Chuck Conner 12. Dell Williamson Clark Combs
Bill Gallagher Martin Bixby Scott Strebe

Gary Dauer Ed Benjamin Ricky G. Schenek

James Wilson, Jr. Mike Woods Ray Taylor

Gene Cornewell Curtis Lee Hull Doug Rike

Doug Anderson Jack Christensen Brent Schuster

Stephen Miller Blake Deike Daniel S. Biehl

Calvin Locker Joseph Teipen Mike Albro

Richard Berry Jonathan B. Schuster

Doug Allen James Kelsey

Senior Women Mike Gaus Vincent Gaus

10 Miles (8 laps) Michael Noa Dale Crandell

1. Sue Gurney Donald Sunderland Ernie Mook

2. Carole Brennan Jim Meyer Cary Cavallapo

3. Jean Liggett Thomas Spofford Robert Barco

Sally Scheip Eric Loveless James Hertz

Kelly McGinn Robert Fry Jim Rogers

Beverle Myers Brian Witt James E. Grove

Joanne Conrad Norman Houze Jeffrey R. Treager

Carol Hart (Cornwell) Richard Hallick Phil Kennedy, III

Barbara Hintzen Don Campbell
Event Officials

Joel D. Law
Race Director Bill Gallagher

Barry Weddington
" Stu Pray

Dave Held
" Watson Nordquist

T. Carson Torpey
Race Referee Pete DiSlvo, ABL of A

Greg Fuchs
Chief Judge Stu Pray

Jack Shoaf
Starter Allan Bolton

David E. Baker
Chief Registrar Joyce Bolton

Greg Mingos
Course Marshal Bill Lapthorn

Gordon McOvat
Assoc. Marshal Carol Hart

Ricdk Oberle
Assoc. Marshal Larry Nordquist

Wayne A. Deppen
Announcer Sam Francis

Bill Froschauer
Race Photographer Kathy Burleigh

1975 Cincinnati Criterium, April 6th, Results and partial entries
Senior Men I & II Senior III & IV Junior Men 15-17 Intermediate 11-14 Vetern Men 40+
30 miles (23 laps) 15 Miles (12 laps) 15 miles (12 laps) 10 Miles (8 laps) 10 Miles (8 laps)
1. Dale Stetina 1. Pete Dolen 1. Chris Meingast 1. Joel Stetina 1. Roy Stetina
2. John Meyer 2. David Baird 2. Tim Oberle 2. Pat Barrett 2. James Hilke
3. Bill Gallagher 3. James Hertz 3. Jon Schuster 3. James Gisquiere 3. Chuck Conner
4. Tom Schuler 4. Joe Teipen 4. Jim Adkins 4. Myron Yeley 4. Jerry Meike
5. Jim Huff 5. Jack Stopyra 5. Bob Atkins 5. Andy Marshall 5. Robert Ault
6. Wolfram Meingast 6. Tom Lobdell 6. Charlie Frederickson Cedric Taylor Watson Nordquist
7. Ted Waterbury 7. Parke Brewer 7. Scott Strebe Paul Wendeln Richard Carey
8. Robin Copland 8. Steve Humphrey 8. Mike Albro
Fred Stephenson
9. Bob Easton 9. Dale Courte 9. Steve Alexander

10. Jim Schulz 10. Jeffrey Crock 10 Richard Denman Midget 8-11
11. William Copland 11. Dell Williamson 11. Chuck Weber 1.3 Miles (1 lap) Senior Women
12. Allan Sleeman 12. Bob Harwell 12. John Handler 1. Troy Stetina 10 Miles (8 laps)
13. Mark Rickey 13. Ed Rae 13. Don Applegate 2. Patrick Currier 1. Barbara Hintzen
14. Gene Cornwell 14. Mark Limke 14. Rick Schenck 3. Roger Meike 2. Terry Barrett
15. Gary Schmidt 15. John Whitaker 15. Steve Foley 4. Elsie Lobdell 3. Eileen Brennan
Allan Sleeman Jonathan Spicker Phil Kennedy, III
4. Margy Saunders
Steve Graham Don Silver Jim Grove
5. Carole Brennan

Bretton Braden Glenn Wolf
Joanne Conrad

Francisco Cardona Bill Brissman
Linda Wade Walker

Mike Limke Steve Ryan
Janie Brennan

Mark Llewellyn Richard Bailey
Kelly McGinn

Richard Dorfmeyer Steve Foley

Daniel Roark Tim Dull

Dr. Pedro Walls Rocky Milovanovic
Novice Men 18+

Parke Brewer Scott Strong
3 miles (2 laps)

Ken Hitchner Stephen Fry
1. Gary Meyer

Wendell Brown Doug Schwart
2. Sheldon Sheff

James Faragher David Grylls
3. Robert Ger

Stephen Williams David Bonnell
4. Don Franklin

Bill Hammons Mike Morrill
5. William Mersch

Gregory Abbott Dan Butts
6. Lee Gustafson

Michael Wolter Steve Applegate
7. Mike Pierce

Randy Dull Jeff Farley

Ilija Milovanovic

Jan Pump

Harrison Allew

Gary Pence

El Lardizabal

Blake Meike
Event Officials

Kevin King
Race Director Dan Humpert

Les Swantner
" Phil Kennedy, Jr.

Al Smith
" Watson Nordquist

Paul Wells
Race Referee Tim Silbereis, ABL of A

Larry Hunter
Chief Judge Mike Griswold

Joel Law
Starter Phil Kennedy, Jr.

James Wilson
Chief Registrar Gene Cornwell

Dave Vetterlein
Assoc Registrar Carol Cornwell

John Anderson
Course Marshal Bill Lapthorn

Darryl Dean
Assoc. Marshal Jack Christiansen

Jim Donahue
Assoc. Marshal Larry Nordquist

1976 Cincinnati Criterium, April 4th, Results and  complete entries
Senior Men I & II Senior III & IV Junior Men 15-17 Novice Men 40+ Novice Women 18-39
30 miles (23 laps) 15 Miles (12 laps) 15 miles (12 laps) 1.3 miles (1 lap) 4 miles (3 laps)
1. James Huff 1. Robert Bailey 1. Richard Denman 1. Richard Haines 1. Bonnie Huff
2. Doug Anderson 2. William Martin 2. John Toor 2. Larry Much 2. Sue Bunhardt
3. Tim Oberle 3. Greg Bernhardt 3. Brent Schuster 3. Donald Lobdell 3. Ginni L. Shirley
4. Steve Dayton 4. Martin Rossman 4. Brian Jones
4. Nancy C. Keating
5. Jeff Wilson 5. Mark E. Ohlman 5. Tom Chew
DNS Stephanie Feher
6. Jim Meyer 6. Dan Fitzgerald 6. Steve Raterman Novice Men 18-39
7. John Meyer 7. Ed Pepke 7. Daniel Swigart 5 miles (4 laps)
8. Bill Gallagher 8. Jim Wenzel 8. Dave Bonnell 1. Gary Meyer Novice Women 40+
9. Gary Doering 9. John Stewart 9. Bill Brissman 2. Sheldon Sheff 1.3 miles (1 lap)
10. John Handler 10. Ronald Pfeiffer 10. Phil Kennedy, III 3. Jay Sprinkel 1. Joan Ault
11. Mike Albro 11. Steve McClain 11. Scott Strebe 4. David Moore
12. Alan Kingsbery 12. Bruce Ault 12. Mike Robinson Greg Hanfbauer
13. Pete Dolan 13. Gary Weyrick 13. Tom Kirk Greg Luken Novice Women 15-17
14. Oscar Rattenberg 14. Jim Grove 14. Steve Alexander Jeff Dawn 2.6 miles (2 laps)
15 Kirby McMillian 15. Kevin Burke 15. Dick Shryock Paul Hurm 1. An Hayes
Roger Kingsbery John Montag Glenn Wolf Mark Fox 2. Rebecca Lewis
Carson Torpey Rick Janke Richard Bailey William J. Mersch 3. Carol Haines
Daniel Ruffe Jan Pump Ken Blauvelt, Jr. Stephen Briggs 4. Trine Bumiller
Charlie Frederiksen Steve Ryan Scott Strong Steve Schaeper
Bob Easton Carl Ruoff Steve Tull John Wartenberg
Hans Pohlmann Jim Donahue Mike Robinson Jerry Gibson Novice Women 11-14
Jan Swaim Mark Ballenger Andy Scheurer Dan Vorhis .6 mile (1/2 lap)
Gregg Hoover David Hoover Scott Sellars Satolli Glassmeyer 1. Lora Allison
Douglas Croft John K. Stewart Andrew Wolford John Craven Chris Hamm
Joe Teipen Jim Rosa Bruce Wolf Michael Templeton
Steve Applegate Larry Keene Steve Raterman

Mark Rickey John Whitaker Michael Green
Novice Women 8-10
David Baird Ronald Milgate Terry Sullivan Novice Men 15-17 .6 mile (1/2 lap)
Robert Redman James Marvin Tim Dull 4 miles (3 laps) 1. Chris Currier
Robert Bergman Bill Henshaw Brad Lightbod 1. Randy Bicknaver
Alan Cochran Joseph Stephansky Joel Stetina 2.Bob Neclson
Greg Mingus Joe Bolan Pat Barrett 3. Rick Steubing
Alfredo Wrile Mike Wolter Terry Woldorf 4. Jim Thie
Gene Cornwell Bryan BilinkiSteven Adwell Myron Yeley 5. Paul Kareth

Mike Chritton Bill Schaugg Jeff Schuster

mark Pozzi Mark DeLong Paul Liebenrood
Vetern Men 40+ Douglas Fletcher Don Applegate Ziatko Knezevic
10 Miles (8 laps) Mike Albrinck Bill Applegate Butch Caddell
1. Gerald F. Lorig Rich Fristik Tim hunek Bill Katz
2. Jim Cost Dale S. Dairymple Alan Bugos Jeff Beiderbeck
3. Roy Stetina Chuck Moll, DDS Mark Miller Mark Jones
4. Robert Ault Dave Skiver Eric Rodin Mike Conrad
5. Charles Miller Scott Livingston Pedro Walls, Jr. Scott Sellers
Watson Nordquist Jim House Blake Smith John Kessler
Dave Kaufman Dell Williamson Jamie McClelland Dick Luken
Alvin D. Lewis Robert Hamilton Greg Ulrich Stan Thomakos
Harlan Meyer Robert Prellwitz Kent Larkin Timothy Spicker
Charles Miller Richard Orfmyer Cedric Taylor

Norm Kelly Robert Harwell Lars Klone

Mac Jackson Gary Baker Ron Burdginski Novice Men 11-14

Daniel L. Roark Jeff Schuster 1.3 miles (1 lap)

Stephen Kneller
1. Will Rodger
Senior Women Darryl Dean
2. Rodger Mouch
10 Miles (8 laps) Edward J. Rae Intermediate Men 3. Lance Allison
1. Kathy Opalski Mike Rice 10 Miles (8 laps) Lee Moorman
2. Terry Mahoney Terry L. Johnson 1. James Gesquiere Wayne Haines
3. Gale Godin Wendell Brown 2. Thomas O'Toole Dale Folley
4. Linda Hoover Mike Kunnecke 3. Kenneth McKean Christopher Spicker
5th Carole Brennan Larry Vinson 4. Randy McFarland

Larry Turner 5. Randy Strong

Ron Wilson Robbie Janke Novice Men 8-10
Junior Women 15-17 Bob Grimm Steve Kruser .6 mile (1/2 lap)
6 miles (5 laps) Bill Froschauer Ted Lobdell 1. Mike Kroger
1. Renee Walls Richard Rice Dan Askren 2. Tony Young
2. Dana Scruggs John Saylor Troy Stetina Wayne Haines
3. Diane Fort Daniel Biehl Brian Lewis

4. Bridget McGinn Jonathan Spicker Craig Siegman

5. Laura Chritton Derek Ewing Klaus Meingast

Debbie Kaufmann Pedro Walls, Sr.

Dan Leith

Rssell Kopf Midgets 8-11

James Martin 1.3 Miles (1 lap)

Steve Rex 1. Jeffrey Moore

Jeff Reed 2. James Moore

Marc Williams 3. Pat Currier

Mike Limke 4. Elise Lobdell

Kenneth Kesler 5. Eric Rozens

James Wilson 6. Mark Blauvelt

Jeff Strzymicki

Ron Martin

Harold Portig

Thomas Nichols

Kevin Downs

Earl Nisga
Event Officials

mark Limke
Race Director Dan Humpert

Jeff Crook
" Jonathan Spicker

Roger Blackburn
" Watson Nordquist

Randy Dull
Race Referee Greg Story, USCF

Robert Tout
Chief Judge Mike Griswold

Jan Zachariasiwig
Starter & Assoc Ref Phil Kennedy, Jr.

Allen Bean
Chief Registrar Watson Nordquist

Dale Corte
Assoc Registrar Edna Nordquist

Martin Bixley
Course Marshal Bill Lapthorn

Chuck Winkelman
Announcer Nick Weber

Randial Ward
Chief Timer John Wartenberg

1977 Cincinnati Criterium, April 3rd, Results and  partial entries
Senior Men I & II Senior III Junior Men 15-17 Senior IV Novice Men 18-39
30 miles (23 laps) 15 miles (12 laps) 15 miles (12 laps) 10 miles (8 laps) 5 miles (4 laps)
1. Tom Schuler 1. Dan Casebeer 1. Tom Chew 1. John Hageman 1. Scott Sommer
2. Jocelyn Lovell 2. Tim Lawson 2. Matt Eaton 2. Dan Waite 2. Greg Corr
3. Dale Stetina 3. Scott Strebe 3. Tim Huneck 3. Gregg Holda 3. Jeff Schuster
4. Scott Holzrichter 4. Rick Broom 4. Bill Brissman 4. Kim Stephen Kroll Hans Niklowitz
5. Wm. "Mac" Martin 5. Tom Nichols 5. Tim Dull 5. Kent Frazier David Marco
6. Wayne Stetina 6. John Stewart 6. Klaus Meingast 6. James Naber Tom Mingus
7. Tim Reilly 7. Gary Weyrick 7. Doug Stillman 7. Larry Keene Dean Rebar
8. Maurice Holohan 8. Bruce Ault 8. Michael Saulman 8. Brad Erdy Randy Bicknaver
9. James Huff Steve Adwell Dennis Calkins Greg Hanfbauer Dennis Geiger
10 Mike Albro Bruce Ault Gary Miller, Jr. Morris May Ed Theuring
Gary Dauer Steve Ryan Gerry Fornes Roger Blackburn
"G.W." Wenzel Phil Miller Carl Brown Dave Wachtel
Tom Lobdell Joe Stephansky Tom Campbell Dave Gecks Novice Men 40+
Gregory Bernhardt Kert Larkin William A. Rodger Mark Ballenger 1.3 miles (1 lap)
Ed Pepke Robert Bangert Paul Liebenrood Dave Fornes 1. John W. Peter
Ted Waterbury David Chinn Randy McFarland Roger Theis
Mark Ohlman Stephen Rau Mark DeLong Devin Wesley
Martin Rossman John Montag Joel Stetina Dale Dalrymple Novice Men 15-17
Jonathan Schuster Dave Skiver James Gesquiere Jim Donahue 4 miles (3 laps)
Charles Quast Mark Pozzi Robbier Janke James Brown 1. Steve Veite
Ken Blauvelt Jim Kendall Doug Hardesty Larry Fulwider 2. Mark Jones

Bryan Bilinski Mark Gorski Richard Rice 3. David Andrews

Michael Rice Dan Asbren Chriss Krieg Rick Steubing
Senior Women Alan Heckendorn Lars Klowe Greg Cloyd Timoth Spicker
10 miles (8 laps) Mike DeEstrada Vincent B. Heck Thomas Rau
1. Terry Mahoney Donica Ybarra Mike Morrill Don Ernest
2. Roxanne Williamson
Thomas Kirk Brad Erdy Novice Men 11-14
3. Gail Fox
John Boufford Harold Portig 1.3 miles (1 lap)
4. Janine Schneider Midgets 8-11 Scott Stemer Joe Moore 1. Adam Stith
5. Heidi Cost 1.3 Miles (1 lap) John McDaniel Vernon Coffey 2. Mike Kroeger

1. Francisco Andreau Mike Zoeller John Kowalczyk David Harlan

2. Lisa Lobdell Mark Bettinger
Dale Perkins
Junior Women 15-17 3. Jimmy Moore Steve Tull
Christopher Spicker
6 miles (5 laps) 4. Eric Rozens James Vaughn Intermediate Men
1. Renee Walls 5. Mark Blauvelt Brent Schuster 10 Miles (8 laps)
2. Louise Olson
Dan Cunagin 1. Danny Chew Novice Men 8-10
3. Diane Fort
Dick Wipperman 2. Kenneth Baker .6 mile (1/2 lap)

Frank Pray 3. Ron Hanna 1. Mitch Theuring

Allan Johnston 4. Steve Kruser 2. Aaron Rozens
Vetern Men 40+

5. Mason Clapper 3. David Kroger
10 Miles (8 laps)

Ted Lobdell
1. Jerry Lorig

Pat Curier
2. Jim Cost Event Officials Troy Stetina Novice Women 18-39
3. Dave Eaton Race Director Dan Humpert Jeffrey Moore 4 miles (3 laps)
4. Charles Miller " Dave Moore Jonathan Crabtree 1. Kathy Litner
5. Mac Jackson " Greg Hanfbauer Roger Meike 2. Mary Feeman
Robert Ault Race Referee Gary Wayrick, USCF John J. Armes 3. Becky Smith
Roy Stetina Chief Judge Mike Griswold Bryan Bickel
Jerry Meike Starter & Assoc Ref Phil Kennedy, Jr. Tom Case
Dave Kaufmann Chief Registrar Watson Nordquist William Duning Novice Women 15-17

Assoc Registrar Edna Nordquist
2.6 miles (2 laps)

Course Marshal Klif Hodgkin
1. Slvia Esser

Assoc Marshal  Don Silver

Announcer Susan Wood

Chief Timer Jonathan Spicker
Novice Women 11-14

Scorer Dell Williamson
.6 mile (1/2 lap)

Communications Milford 11 M CB Club
1. Amy Cost

1978 Cincinnati Criterium, April 8th, Results and  complete entries
Senior Men I & II Senior III Senior IV Junior Men 15-17 Novice Men 35+
30 miles (23 laps) 15 miles (12 laps) 10 miles (8 laps) 15 miles (12 laps) 1.3 miles (1 lap)
1. Tom Schuler 1. John Montag 1. John M. Hageman 1. Gary Miller 1. John W. Peter
2. Wayne Stetina 2. Mark Ballenger 2. Kent Frazier 2. Gerry Fornes 2. Frederick Mause
3. Davis Phinney 3. Bryan Bilinski 3. Kurt Mueller 3. Phil Woosley 3. Philip Smith
4. Garry Rybar 4. Tom Binson 4. John Wartenbert 4. James Gesquire 4. James Marcotte
5. Greg Brown 5. Peter O'Brian 5. Jim Donahue 5. Chuck Schuster
6. Alan Kingsberry 6. Douglas Hardisty Jeff Schuster 6. Robbie Janke
Terry Sullivan Jonathan Spicker Harold Portig Gary Miller Novice Men 18-39
Greg Cloyd Rebert Zeman Grodon Fink Mark DeLong 5 miles (4 laps)
Chris Lewis Steve Ryan Larry Brown Danny Chew 1. Dwight Elliot
Dan Waite Randy Dull Scott Shepard Mason Clapper 2. Tim Weber
Jim Rosa Gregg Holda Thomas D. Vann Ron Hanna 3. Mark Whitsett
Joe Huth Ashley Shelton Daniel Herb Scott Stevrer 4. Steve Veite
Tom Chew Roger Blackburn James Brown Mike Zoeler David Marco
James G.W. Wenzel Eli J. Arnold John Pobanz James Vaughn Bob Evans
Steven McClain Rick Janke Morris May Ross Roberts Dean H. Reber
Ken Blauvelt Joe Teipen Bill Zilligan John McCaniel Kenneth Caldwell
Anthony Smith Alan Heckendorn John Gabriel Cedric Taylor Brian Resnick
Alan Marcosson Kurt Young Wm. David Jenkins David Martens Ricardo Gomez
Tim Reilly Steven Adwell J. Bran Roberts Randy McFarland Arnie McGill
Maurice F. Holahan Dave Fornes Jay Sprinkel Carl Brown Mark Murphy
Ted Waterbury Tim Lawson John Lubbers John Jeffery Armes Roger Auge, II
Rick Denman Hank Schrenker Bruce W. Bennett Swift Spaulding Michael Lathorop
Dave Skiver Ed Humbert Steve Cusick Will Rodger David Smith
Tim Dull Steve henning Howard G. Muntz Brian Satterre Richard M. Rose
Randall Ward Betty Rydzewski Marc Reynolds Dirk Wipperman Rick Bruggeman
Mark Ohlman Paul Liebenrood Bob MacKenzie Chip Scheipe Bill Mirbach
Terry Everhart
David Gecks
John Fischer
Jim House
Matt Wind
Barry Martin
Greg Lange Vetern Men 35+ Daniel Snyducher Novice Men 11-14 Tim Sommer
Dan Casebeer 10 Miles (8 laps) Eric E. Marsh 1.3 miles (1 lap) Michael Heard
Ersbien Edwards 1. Larry Keene Cliff Reid 1. Dave Huber Russ Stevens
Tom Lobdell 2. Chuck Moll Gerald Darff 2. Christopher Spicker Dwayne Heau
Tim J. Oberle 3. Charles R. Miller Robert F. Santerre 3. Steve Hermes Tom Ollinger
Todd H. Teachout Mac Jackson Lee Test Jim Tipton Jerry Sabick
Dave Teal John K. Stewart, Jr. David K. Moore Jeff Luken
Wm. Martin Chuck Winkelman Chad Bailey Jack Oliver
Jeff Wilson John Armes, Jr. Pedro Walls Michael Kroeger Novice Men 15-17
Robert Hitchcock Jerry Meike
Paul Klemm 4 miles (3 laps)
Thomas Kirk Karrel Purand
Jouko Taskinen 1. Craig Smith
Gerry Fornes
Senior Women 
2. Ken Belexky
Bernard Wright
10 miles (8 laps)
3. Thomas Carroll
John Stewart Midgets 8-11 1. Kathy Opolski Novice Men 8-10 4. Timothy Spicker
Wm. Touscany 1.3 Miles (1 lap) 2. Terry J. Mahoney .6 mile (1/2 lap) Rick Mygrant
Sam Eldersveld 1. Frankie Andreau 3. Roxanne Williamson 1. David Koreger Kenneth W. Baker
David Andrews 2. Elise Lobdell Mary Feeman
Bryan Bickel
Wolf Meingast 3. Eric E. Rozens Edith A. Boyaneich
Michael Bishop

4. Celeste Andrew Debbie Smith Novice Women 15-17

5. Aaron M. Rozens Sylvia Esser 2.6 miles (2 laps)
Intermediate Men 6. Mark Blauvelt Kathie Zapotocki 1. Brenda Santerre Novice Women 8-10
10 Miles (8 laps)

.6 mile (1/2 lap)
1. Jeff Hocking

1. Carol Marcotte
2. Todd Creek

Novice Women 11-14 2. Susan Kroger

1.3 mile (1 lap)

1. Kim Marcotte

1979 Cincinnati Criterium, April 22nd, Results and  complete entries
Senior Men I & II Senior III & IV Junior Men 15-17 Vetern Men 35+ Novice Open 16+
30 miles (23 laps) 15 miles (12 laps) 15 miles (12 laps) 10 Miles (8 laps) 9.1 miles (7 laps)
1. Kim Kroll 1. Mike Zoeller 1. Robbie Janke 1. Chick Moll 1. Marc Whitsett
2. Rick Wys 2. Joseph L. Bolan 2. Ron Hanna 2. Charles R. Miller 2. Daniel Herman
3. Dan Waite 3. Tom B. Vinson 3. John McDaniel 3. Edward Schenick 3. Andy Callahan
4. Steve McClain 4. Steve Ryan 4. Rusty Whipps 4. Gary DeVoss 4. Bill Mirbach
5. Joel Stetina 5. John Wartenberg 5. Jeff Hocking 5. Harald Portig 5. Dean Reber
6. John Montag 6. Steve Adwell 6. Dan Askren 7. Frederick Mause
7. Gary Miller 7. Jeff Reed Bryan Bickel Chuck Winkelman
Dave Fornes 8. Dave Gecks Troy Stetina Andre Humbert Novice Men 18+
Tim Dull Charles L. Beard, Jr. James Gesquiere David C. Bond 4 miles (3 laps)
Tim Huneck Jeff Schuster Kenneth Baker Jerry Meike 1. Curtis Martin
Randy Dull Tim Weber

2. Reiner Nelson
Randall Ward Dwight Elliott

3. Mike Disque
Tom Pierce MaCkenzie
Novice Men 11-14 4. Mike Hewitt
Ted Waterberry John Lubbers
1.3 mile (1 lap) 5. John S. Fischer
Andrew Coggan Mark Busche
1. Glenn Skora Jack Schmidt
Mark Rickey Norman Waggy
2. Mark Blauvelt Kurt Hibbett
Bryan E. Bilinski Steve Taylor
3. Mark Shafer Jim Garth
Terry Sullivan Mark DeLong
DNS Jim Tipton
Al Marcoson Philip Whitman

Donald Miller

Novice Men 15-17

Kenney Green

4 miles (3 laps)
Senior Women  Mark Murphy

1. Dave Huber
10 miles (8 laps) Brad Dillon

2. Tom Pinney
1. Cindi Richards Joe Tatman

3. Gary Skora
2. Terry J. Mahoney Philp R. Drake

4. Jeff Luken

Dan Snydacker

DNS Andy Fetzer

William Birini

Rick Janke

Dana Smith

1981 Cincinnati Criterium, April 12th, Results and  partial entries
Senior Men I & II Senior III & IV Junior Men 15-17 Veteran 35+ Novice Men 18-34
30 miles (23 laps) 15 miles (12 laps) 15 miles (12 laps) 10 miles (8 laps) 5 miles (4 laps)
1. Tom Chew 1. Tom Moran 1. Scott Berryman 1. Russel Kopf 1. James Ross
2. Dave Mercer 2. George Liolios 2. Murray Monroe 2. Bob Harwell 2. Kevin Van Gilder
3. David Andrews 3. Doug Moody 3. Greg Cowen 3. Harold Portig 3. Matt Wind
4. Brian Jones 4. Bradley E. Dillon 4. Kurt Buchwald + 14 others 4. Dave Roberts
5. Andrew Coogan 5. Gary DeVoss 5. Dean Carson
Rob Magrino
Joe Huth Tim Weber Keith Farnsworth
Brian McNair
Mike Zoeller Timothy Gerard Steven Kuska Novice Women 18-34 Thomas Spille
Tom Lobdell Dan Moscny Brad Trotter 4 miles (3 laps) Mark Gable
Patrick J. Dour John Lubbers Brent Normington Nancy Arnold Harold Schnck
Steve Ryan Rick Janke Brad Rouch Cindi Pfaff Stephen Rohde
Jonathan Pratt Mark Murphy Maxim Meyers Elizabeth Feibes Tom Griffiths
Rick Mitchell Mike Rice Jeff Hilligoss + 1 other Jeff Perrone
Dave Fornes Terry Johnson Kent Berglund
Ron Makstaller
Randy Dull Steve McClain Wes Adams
Bill Thomas
Tom Doughty Tim Smiles Troy Stetina Novice Women 15-17 Todd Heise
Paul Liebenrood Ed Deuerlein Michael Perry 4 miles (3 laps) Gary Drake
Bob MacKenzie Conrad Griffith Gino Byrd 1. Daniela Hoffman Tim Burks
Charles Holbrook Thomas Moore Preston DeMarcus 2. Hope Laskey Randy Folz
Kenny Green Martin Shelley Billy Anderson
Sean Groom
John Wartenberg Robert Harris Ed Howe
Neil Evans
Charles Kulp Charles Harris Robinson Jeff Novice Women 11-14 Bill Hopple
Robby Janke Jeff Whitney Scott Taylor 1.3 mile (1 lap) Thomas Possert
Brian Santerre Kevin Wein Chares Campbell 1. Julie Diener Joe Davenport
John Montag Ken Blauvelt Walt Burns 2. Courtney Monroe Terry Montag

William Weech Norbie Berznski 3. Sarah Clodfelter Jim Barton

David Kucherer Rick Aldrick + 1 other Michael Wood
Senior Women Robert Rissmiller Greg Probst
Craig Williams
10 miles (8 laps) Larry Kilbane Bradley Chen
Kenny Callard
1. Ellyn S. Traub John D'Angelo John Gatch Novice Women 8-10 Steve Tufts
2. Gale L. Goodin Martin Staples
.6 mile (1/2 lap) David Marshall
3. Sylvia Esser David Cooper Intermediate Men 1. Anne-Lise Halvorsen Joe Obermeyer
+ 7 others Michael Bois 10 miles (8 laps)
Michael Black

Peter Whitehead 1. David Lerner
Doyle Spradlin

Thomas Flick 2. Mark Blauvelt
Jim Cooper
Junior Women 15-17 Garth Baldauf 3. Robbie Dawson
Terry Willis
6 miles (5 laps) Charles Hinckley Andy Meister
Glenn DeNies
1. Lisa Lobdell Thomas Beres Sean Foley
Tim Offinger

Mark Bucherl Charlie McNichols
Thomas Ashe

Michael O'Donnell Mark Trotter
Walter Corbean
Midget Women 8-10 William Ferguson Thomas Ragland
Mike Woodhouse
1.3 mile (1 lap) Andy Franklin + 2 others
Mike Disque
1. Shannon burns John McPhee

Mike Albrinck

Greg Maharg

Bob Becker

Bob Grimm

Randall Peal

Lowell Bishop

Mark Albers

Joseph Jameson

Don Silver

Len Hargrove

Jordan Harrelson

David Baumbauer

Dave Kostansek

Rick Norris

Novice Men 35+

Brent Burke

1.3 mile (1 lap)

Gregory Wilson

1. Roger Auge

Bill Orisich

2. Robin Bruelheide

mark Plane

3. Gene Blanford

Walt Shubsda

4. John Peter

Richard Distlerath

+ 5 others

Dave Garriott

Allen Galloway

Keith Lagsdon

Novice Men 15-17

Dave Gecks

4 miles (3 laps)

Thomas Keenan

1. Curtis Tolson

John McDaniel

2. Brad Dunn

Ed Marshall

3. Mark Donn

paul Miller

4. Carlo Lavicoli

Charles Jones

5. Patrick Hahn

Eric Wildman

+ 12 others

Joe Platko

Todd B. Winget

Gary Gorrell

Novice Men 11-14

Stephen J. Ran

1.3 mile (1 lap)

Dave Moore Event Officials 1. Scott Shelton

Bob Schubert Race Director Dan Humpert 2. John Holzman

Bill Kuster " Jack Schmidt 3. Mitch Theuring

Thomas Pedigo " Greg Hanfbauer + 28 others

Jeff Schuster Race Referee Jack Schmidt, USCF

Ben Cottingham USCF Rep Steve Ryan, USCF Novice Men 8-10

Peter Wulff Chief Judge Mike Griswold .6 mile (1/2 lap)

Randall Shannon Chief Registrar Jonathan Spicker 1. David Dawson

Michael Kiehl Assoc Registrar Becky Smith 2. Jerry Lin

Bob Schubert Program Director Roger Auge 3. Eric Biesenbender

Walt Shubsba Cover Design Mark Kaufman + 12 others




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